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SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid

SEO is important when you want to build your brand. Having a website is now the norm when it comes to doing business in this digital age. ECommerce sales have exploded globally and it has grown into a billion dollar industry. There are no signs that this will stop and the trend indicates that it will continue to grow as more markets are being opened every year.  

The problem is, putting up your own website is not enough. You may have the best looking and most informative website uploaded on the internet. The question is do people know about your website?

SEO is vital for your website to get more visitors. There is a right way and a wrong way to do SEO. For those who can’t do SEO on their own, there are a lot of SEO companies that offer expert SEO services.  

But if you enjoy doing SEO and you have the time to do it on your own we share tips on SEO mistakes some companies do that you can avoid imitating.

Usual SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Having No Keyword Strategy
Keywords are one of the pillars of good SEO practices. Not having a keyword strategy in place will make it hard for clients to find your website and know about your company. Using the best and right keywords for your niche will help you in planning your content for articles and blogs that will be shown on your website.

Using the best tools for keyword research helps a lot, but there can also be too many keyword optimizations. The result will be a lower quality of content which in turn decreases ranking and organic traffic for your website. This is also known as keyword stuffing or having too many SEO optimized keywords in your content. There is a right frequency in using keywords, having too many will ruin your SEO strategy.

There are some who commit the mistake of optimizing irrelevant keywords. Having a lot of these will result in spam content. Keywords that have no connection whatsoever to your business should never be used even if they rank high for other categories.

Avoid Duplicate Content
Plagiarism is copying content from another and making it appear that it is your own. This is not allowed by Google and users who practice this will be penalized with low rankings and website visibility. There are many tools that you can use to check for grammar and plagiarism so that content on your website will always be unique. These tools give the best expert SEO services when it comes to removing duplicate content from your website. It is always best to cite sources and place the proper quotes when necessary.   

Faulty Link Building
There are companies who buy links or do link baits as part of their strategy. Google penalizes these practices because they result in faulty and low-quality links. Spam is the usual consequence of using these links which is not a good label for your website. Links should be built naturally, too many external links is also something that you should avoid.

There are ways to build backlinks the ethical and acceptable way and Google has guidelines on how to do so.

Having Outdated Website Content
There are companies who do not update their content on a regular basis. Having outdated content will not attract anyone to your website. Most of the top websites on Google offer fresh, updated and relevant content every time a user visits. This will automatically result in higher SEO rankings and more traffic.

Lack Of Image Optimization
A picture can paint a thousand words, this is why using images on your blog and website should now be a part of your SEO strategy. You should avoid not optimizing your images on your website.  A lot of traffic is lost by simply failing to do image optimization.

Having Slow Websites
When it comes to the loading of your website, speed is essential. A lot of traffic is lost when you have a website that is not quick to load. Internet speeds have improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade, so users expect websites to load no longer than 10 seconds. Websites should be optimized for fast loading. Imagine losing a lot of potential sales just because your website keeps on failing to load quickly

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